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1897 Silver Dollar Error List & Value

1897 Silver Dollar Value

Are you interested in coins, particularly Silver Dollars? If so, you’re likely familiar with Morgan Dollars. These stunning coins have a rich history that dates back to the late 19th century. They continue to be valuable coins for collectors today. In particular, the 1897 Morgan Silver Dollar is a valuable coin for its beauty and high silver content.

Read on to learn more about this coin, as we will introduce you to its different varieties minted in different minting states. We will also show valuable errors of this coin and provide the 1897 Silver Dollar Value chart according to today’s market.

1897 Silver Dollar Value Chart

1897 Morgan Silver Dollar Value Chart

Mint Mark MS64 MS65 MS66 MS67 MS68
1897 No Mint Mark Silver Dollar Value  









1897 O Silver Dollar Value  









1897 S Silver Dollar Value  

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1897 No Mint Mark Silver Dollar Value

1897 No Mint Mark Silver Dollar
Image Credit: usacoinbook

The 1897 Silver Dollar without a mint mark was produced at the Philadelphia Mint and is part of the Morgan Silver Dollar series. This coin, without a mint mark and designed by George T. Morgan, has a mintage of 2,822,000.

The silver dollar is made of 90% silver and 10% copper, has a diameter of 38.1 mm, and has a weight of 26.73 gr. It has a round shape, and its obverse features a portrait of Liberty in the center, surrounded by 13 stars and the inscriptions “E PLURIBUS UNUM,” “LIBERTY,” and the year 1897. The left side of the coin has 7 stars, while the right side has 6 stars.

The 1897 Silver Dollar obverse features a heraldic eagle at its center, grasping a cluster of arrows and a branch encircled by olive leaves. The periphery is framed by the inscriptions “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” “IN GOD WE TRUST,” and “ONE DOLLAR.” If there is a mint mark like those minted from New Orleans and San Francisco, it appears above the letters “DO” in “DOLLAR.”

The Morgan Silver Dollar series was minted from 1878 to 1921 and is named after its designer. This coin’s fineness of 0.9 indicates that it is high quality and popular among collectors. However, even if they are in good condition, 1897 Silver Dollars with MS65 grade are not rare. What are considered rare are those with MS66 to MS67 grades. You’re even luckier if you find a piece with an MS68 grade.

The 1897 Silver Dollar value depends on its grade, certification, and prevailing market demand. As per the data provided by the Greysheet website, an uncirculated (mint-state) 1897 Silver Dollar value ranges from $8,500 (MS67) to $1,230 (MS66). These CAC (Certified Acceptance Corporation) certified coins have the highest value among all existing 1897 Silver Dollar grades, with a retail value of $6,800 and $960.00, respectively.

The retail value of coins with grades lower than MS65 is below $200, and the value decreases further as the grade gets lower. If your 1897 Silver Dollar has been in circulation for a considerable amount of time and is in the lowest grade of AG3, you may still be able to sell it for more than its face value. Even though its face value is worth $42.12, factors such as rarity, historical significance, and condition can increase the 1897 Silver Dollar value to collectors and dealers.

In 2020, the most valuable 1897 Silver Dollar (MS67+) achieved an outstanding sale at Heritage Auctions on September 18th of that year. The coin was able to command a final price of $10,500, an impressive feat that reflects its rarity and desirability among collectors present in the auction event at that time.

1897 O Silver Dollar Value

1897 O Silver Dollar Value
Image Credit: pcgs

If you happen to possess an 1897 Silver Dollar, look at the reverse side and locate a small mint mark “O” positioned above the word “DOLLAR.” If you find it, then without a doubt, your coin was minted in New Orleans. In 1897, the Orleans Mint produced a total of 4,004,000 coins of this type, which have the same composition as their counterparts from Philadelphia and San Francisco.

The 1897 Silver Dollar value ranges from $35.10 for an AG3 coin up to $300,000 for an MS67 coin with CAC (Certified Acceptance Corporation) certification.

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Don’t be surprised why such a small cent would cost that much. It’s a rare coin that was popular among collectors in the past. However, it is now difficult to find high-quality versions of this coin. Two exceptional examples of this coin, Grade MS67 by PCGS, were sold at auction by Heritage Auctions in 2001 and 2005 for prices of $109,250 and $126,500, respectively.

These prices reflect the 1897 Morgan Silver Dollar from New Orleans’ high demand and limited supply in such pristine conditions. So if you’re looking for an 1897 Morgan dollar with Proof-like or Deep Mirror Proof-like qualities, you might need to spend more money to get one. These are rare in lower grades that are unused or uncirculated, but you can still buy them if you want. There are some examples of really great-looking ones, but they are super rare.

1897 S Silver Dollar Value

1897 S Silver Dollar Value

Now the “S” mint mark on the reverse of your silver dollar indicates that it was minted at San Francisco Mint in 1897. Similar to other coins, the 1897 Silver Dollar value minted in 1897 in San Francisco can vary based on their condition. With a total of 5,825,000 coins minted, even the lowest-rated 1897 Silver Dollars can fetch a hefty price tag of $63 (VF35), $71 (XF45), and $122 (AU58).

However, the 1897 Silver Dollar value of uncirculated pieces from the same batch can soar to a price range of $748.00 (MS65) to $45,600 (MS68). So, if you found one of these rare silver dollar coins from 1897, scrutinize it and determine its condition before deciding on its worth.

The 1897 Morgan Silver Dollar from San Francisco that achieved the highest sale price at auction did not command the same high prices as its New Orleans counterparts. Specifically, Heritage Auctions’ highest recorded sale price was $15,600 (for a 9MS67+ coin) in 2019.

However, it is interesting to observe that in 2021, prices seem to have decreased, with an MS67 coin selling for $6,756 at Legend Rare Coin Auctions in February of that year. Two months later, a coin of the same grade was sold for only $6,300 at David Lawrence Rare Coins.

1897 Silver Dollar Value Grading

The 1897 Morgan Silver Dollar value depends on their condition, with higher prices for coins in excellent condition. There are four different grades: uncirculated, extremely fine, fine, and good. Uncirculated coins are in the best condition, while good coins have significant damage and are only worth their melt value.

Coin collectors evaluate the coin’s condition before purchasing, so it’s helpful to know the grade of your coin before selling. Take a look at this video that shows two similar 1897 Silver Dollars but got different prices because of their grades and conditions.

Rare 1897 Morgan Silver Dollar Value Error Lists

1. 1897 Silver Dollar Minor Lamination Error

1897 Silver Dollar Minor Lamination Error
Image Credit: ebay

A minor lamination error on the obverse of an 1897 Morgan Silver Dollar refers to a defect where a small section of the coin’s surface appears to have peeled off or delaminated. This error occurs during the minting process when impurities or air pockets become trapped within the metal, causing a weak point in the coin’s structure. When struck, the metal flakes off, leaving a thin, raised line or bubble on the 1897 Silver Dollar surface.

In the case of a minor lamination error, the defect is typically small and located in a relatively inconspicuous area of the coin. While it may affect the coin’s visual appeal and numismatic value to some extent, it is not considered a major or highly desirable error by most collectors.

2. 1897 Silver Dollar Die Adjustment (Off-center) Error

1897 Silver Dollar Die Adjustment (Off-center) Error
Image Credit: greatcollections

Die adjustment strikes happen when the dies used to mint the coin are not properly aligned, causing the strike to be off-center or incomplete. In the case of this particular 1897 Silver Dollar, the error resulted in a partially struck design with blank areas on the obverse side, indicating that the dies were not properly aligned when the coin was struck.

The coin has been given a grade by the NGC and a price of $428.

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3. 1897 Silver Dollar Obverse Struck Through Error


1897 Silver Dollar Obverse Struck Through Error
Image Credit: apmex

During the striking process, this mint error occurs when a foreign object, like a piece of debris or another coin, becomes trapped between the die and the planchet (blank metal disc). This can result in an impression of the foreign object being struck onto the coin’s surface.

In the case of the 1897 Silver Dollar with a grade of MS64 by PCGS that is being offered for sale for $249, the Obverse Struck Through Error refers to an instance where an object was struck into the coin’s obverse (front) side, leaving a visible impression on the 1897 Silver Dollar surface.

4. 1897 Silver Dollar Impure Metal Streak Error

1897 Silver Dollar Impure Metal Streak Error

This mint error found on an 1897 Morgan Silver Dollar from San Francisco is a visible imperfection caused by the presence of a foreign substance, like grease or oil, that made its way onto the coin’s surface while being minted. This error is often referred to as a “streak error” since it takes the form of a slim, straight line across the coin’s face.

An 1897 Silver Dollar value with this error, graded MS62 is worth $128.65.

Remember that the 1897 Silver Dollar value does not solely rely on the presence of errors. In fact, even those without errors can fetch a higher price if they are in uncirculated condition. To get a glimpse of what these rare coins look like, we suggest watching this video showcasing some of the rarest 1897 Silver Dollars, including one with a laminated error.

1897 Silver Dollar Value FAQs

Q1: What is a 1897 Silver Dollar worth today?

As of April 2023, the NGC has determined that an 1897 Morgan Dollar value in circulated condition typically sells for a price range between $35.50 and $63. This value can be significantly higher if the coin is pristine and uncirculated. This type of coin is referred to as a “mint state” or “MS” coin. Uncirculated 1897 Morgan Silver Dollar can be as high as $16,000 or more.

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Q2: What makes a 1897 Silver Dollar rare?

The 1897 Morgan Silver Dollar is not considered a particularly rare coin, as 12,651,000 were minted that year. However, the condition of the coin can greatly affect its value. Uncirculated examples of the 1897 Morgan Silver Dollar, particularly those with high levels of detail and minimal surface damage, can be quite valuable to collectors.

One factor that can make certain 1897 Morgan Silver Dollars rarer than others is their mint mark. For example, the 1897 S (San Francisco) Morgan Silver Dollar is more valuable than those produced in other mints.

Q3: Where is the mint mark on an 1897 Morgan dollar?

To locate the mint mark on an 1897 Silver Dollar, you should look on the coin’s reverse side, just under the ribbon. The mint mark indicates where the coin was produced and is represented by a letter.

The letter “S” denotes that the coin was minted in San Francisco, while “O” indicates that it was minted in New Orleans. Remember that 1897 Silver Dollars produced in Philadelphia do not have a mint mark.


If you don’t own an 1897 Morgan Silver Dollar yet, it’s worth adding one to your collection. Look for uncirculated specimens or those with rare mistakes. Our chart above can give you an idea of the coin’s current value, but keep in mind that prices may fluctuate over time and depending on the coin’s condition.

To keep updated about upcoming coin releases and fascinating coin facts like the 1897 Silver Dollar value, stay tuned and be among the first to learn about them.

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