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1915 Penny Error List & Value

1915 Penny Value

The 1915 Lincoln penny is an old coin that most collectors find valuable because of their scarcity. While you might think there’s nothing really special about the 1915 pennies, there are quite a few that might fetch you a huge sum of money.

Curious to find out how?

This article will explore the value of the 1915 penny, and why you need to have one in your possession.

1915 Penny Details

The 1915 penny is under the “Wheat Penny” category, and it was minted in a total of 55,976,270 instances. Compared to other pennies that have been minted, fifty-five million is a fair amount. Because this coin was not minted in excess, it isn’t a common coin. However, it doesn’t qualify as a rare coin either, because there are lots of it stashed in the possession of coin collectors.

It was designed by Victor Brenner, and it has a smooth edge. The total weight of the 1915 penny is 3.11 grams, and it has a composition of 95% copper and 5% tin.

This coin has the portrait of President Lincoln on the observe side, and the reverse is the image of two wheat stalks.

1915 Penny Value Chart

Mint Good Fine Very Fine Uncirculated
1915 No Mint Mark Penny Value $2.87 $5.84 $21 $81
1915 – D Penny Value $2.87 $8.75 $17 $64
1915 – S Penny Value $17 $35 $40 $144
1915 Proof Penny Value $400

1915 No Mint Mark Penny

1915 No Mint Mark Penny
Image Credit: nedluddpdx

The Philadelphia mint produced 29,092,120 instances of the 1915 penny, and they all come without a mint mark – as expected.

In the Lincoln series, the 1915 penny is the fifth coin and it was designed by Victor David Brenner.  This variant is the most common of the 1915 pennies, as it was minted in the highest amount. In average condition, the value of the 1915 penny is between $0.01 to $0.50, and it’s valued way more in mint state.

Identifying whether a 1915 penny is in mint state is fairly easy, as it’ll still have its red-shiny surface with the absence of scratches. The downside is that finding the 1915 penny in the premium state is a difficult task, because it’s an old coin, and the majority that was released into circulation are already worn out and damaged.

However, if by a strike of luck, you end up finding one, you’ll end up selling it for a small fortune (if you decide not to add it to your coin collection).

In mint state, a 1915 – P penny is valued between $100 to $2000, and maybe even more. Top-premium specimens of 1915 pennies with original red coating are valued at $4500 and above.

At the Heritage Auction in 2017, a 1915 – P penny graded MS67 was bought for $4935, while in 2019, a specimen graded MS66+ was bought for $1920.

To get a reasonable amount from selling your 1915 – P penny, it needs to be of exceptional quality, otherwise, it’s just an old coin that’s worth only its face value.

1915 – D Penny

1915 – D Penny
Image Credit: pcgs

The 1915 pennies minted in Denver are considered a bit rare because they were produced in a smaller number than their Philadelphia variants. Although the margin is not a lot, it’s still relatively low.

In the Denver mint, a total of 22,050,000 pennies were minted in 1915, and they all have the “D” mint mark to signify their mint location.

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In average condition, the 1915 – D penny is just another old coin, but in an uncirculated, mint state, it has a reasonable value. In poor condition, the value of a 1915 – D penny is $1, whereas, in mint state, it can sell for $2000 to $4000, or more.

For instance, at the Heritage Auction Event in 2017, a 1915 – D penny graded MS67+RD was valued at $4,230, and the same variant was sold for $2,880 and $3,120 in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

If your 1915 – D penny is graded MS69RD and above, then it’s worth anywhere from $10,000 and above. Finding a 1915 – D penny in an uncirculated state is scarce, you’ll have better luck finding one from the Philadelphia Mint.

1915 – S Penny

1915 – S Penny

The San Francisco mint only minted 4,833,000 pennies in 1915, making it by far the most scarce variant of the 1915 penny. These coins have the “S” mint mark right under the date on the reverse side.

It’s not a common coin, and collectors are willing to pay extra to have it in their coin collection. With the 1915 – S penny, you are sure of selling it for more than its face value – $0.01.

In average condition, you might be able to sell your 1915 – S penny for $10 – $15, but in the premium state, they are worth a lot more.

In May 2005, 1915 – S penny graded MS66RD was sold for $48,300, and this is the highest recorded sale of the 1915 penny.

Also, in 2021, at the Heritage Auction, a 1915 – S penny graded MS66+RD was valued at $10,800. If you have this coin in an uncirculated state, and it still has its reddish surface, its worth is about $10,000 or more.

1915 Proof Penny

1915 Proof Penny

The 1915 proof pennies were also minted in the Philadelphia Mint, but they were not released into circulation. These specially made coins were kept for coin collectors, and they are considered very scarce.

Only 1,150 matte proofs of the 1915 penny were minted, which was a decrease from the 4,118 instances minted in 1910. The reason for this is that collectors were no longer intrigued by the design and finish of the proof coins, hence it was minted in smaller quantities, and in 1916, the mintage of matte proof coins was discontinued.

A specimen of this coin costs anywhere from $500 to $11,000, and if you have it in mint state, it can command an even greater price.

In 2014, a 1915-proof coin-graded PS67 was sold for $10,575 at the Heritage Auctions.

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However, remember they were minted for coin collectors, so finding them in circulation will be quite a task.

History of the 1915 Penny

The penny was designed by Victor David in 1909, and his initials were inscribed on the coin. However, according to U.S. Mint officials, it was too big and distracting, hence it had to be removed.

But after much back and forth, in 1918, it was inscribed again, but with a much smaller letter size.

On the reverse side of the coin, there’s a drawing of “wheat ears” which stands for national prosperity, and this design was on the penny until 1959 when it was replaced with the Memorial Penny. While the observe side of the 1915 penny has the image of President Lincoln.

The 1915 penny is one of the one-cent coins produced between 1909 – 1958. This coin was minted during the beginning stages of World War 1, making it a desirable coin for coin collectors.

1915 Penny Grading

Knowing how to grade a 1915 penny yourself is important, at least so you can be aware of the worth of your coin – even if you don’t get the exact figure.

Learning the grading system of a penny isn’t anything technical, as there are grading terms that professional numismatist use.

The 1915 penny is graded in Good, Fine, Very Fine, Extremely Fine, About Uncirculated, Uncirculated, Brilliant Uncirculated, and Proof (PR). The value of your coin at each grade is different, and the higher the grade, the higher it’s worth.

You can use this video to understand better how to appraise a penny yourself.

If you are still having any difficulty, you might want to see a numismatist.

Rare 1915 Penny Error Lists

The 1915 penny doesn’t have a lot of error coins, and that’s why the ones in existence are considered rare and unique.

Some of the error pennies worth having include;

1. 1915 Penny With Multiple Mintmarks

Just like the name implies, this error happened during the production stages when the mintmark was punched in more than once. This error is peculiar to the 1915 pennies minted in Denver and San Francisco, as those are the only variants with mintmarks.

This error creates a double effect on the penny, and the exact number of 1915 penny with this error is unknown.

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Depending on how drastic and visible the error is, it’s worth about $20. However, if your coin is in mint state, this error can increase its value to $500.

2. 1915 Penny With Misaligned Center

The 1915 pennies with dramatic off-centeredness are worth hundreds of dollars. This error is quite a common one among pennies, however, finding it in the 1915 penny wouldn’t be a walk in the park.

The misaligned center error happens when the penny is struck outside the intended position on the blank disc. This results in a distorted and sometimes incomplete image. The degree of this error ranges from slight to severe, and its value is based on how significant the error is.

1915 pennies with the off-center error have been sold for $20, which is a lot, considering the worth of this coin is just “one cent”.

3. 1915 Penny With Die Cuds

1915 Penny With Die Cuds
Image Credit: ebay

Die cuds are a rare error, and many coin dealers are always on the lookout for one. Die cuds and die cracks are two similar but different types of errors, with the die cud error being more valuable.

Die cuds result in raised areas on the coin’s surface, the cause of this is thought to be a defect in the die used in the production of the coin.

The 1915 penny with die cuds is valued at $150 or sometimes more, while 1915 pennies with die crack errors are worth $5. But, if the die crack is unique and dramatic, it’ll be worth more.

1915 Penny FAQs

1. How Do I Tell The Value Of My 1915 Penny?

You should know that the 1915 penny regardless of its variant is a very old coin that has been in circulation for long decades. The value of this penny is tied to its condition – grade. If you have a 1915 penny in premium grade, that’s when it might be worth thousands of dollars, but in average condition, it’s barely valued above its face value.

2. Where Can I Purchase A 1915 Penny From?

There are so many reputable stores that deal in the buying and selling of original old coins. you can check out platforms like eBay, and other coin shows.

3. Is The 1915 Penny Valuable?

Yes, in mint state, it’s a valuable coin. That aside, most coin collectors will only want it in their collection because it’s an old coin and has historic significance.

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4. Can I Still Find The 1915 Penny In Circulation?

Yes, you can. However, note that the 1915 penny is a really old coin, and even if you do find it in circulation, it might be damaged already. But, if you intend on getting one in premium grade, you might need to purchase it from a coin collector.

5. Are There Rare Variants Of The 1915 Penny?

Yes, there are. The 1915-proof penny minted in Philadelphia is considered a very rare variant of the 1915 penny, as it was made for just coin collectors. And also, some error coins of the 1915 penny are rare, like the 1915 penny with die cuds error.


The 1915 penny was minted at a time of significant cultural and technological change in the United States. The Penny is a reflection of the change that happened in that error.

Finding a specimen of this coin has proven relatively hard even for coin collectors, but that’s no surprise, as it has been in circulation for over 100 years.

The value of a 1915 penny is largely dependent on its condition. Depending on the grade, it might be worth a few cents or several hundred dollars.

Regardless of the state of your 1915 penny, take it to a professional numismatist, so it can get appraised. You’ll never know, it might just be a valuable 1915 error penny.

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