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1921 Silver Dollar Error List & Value

1921 silver dollar value

Have you ever stumbled upon an antique coin and wondered whether it had any additional value? The 1921 Silver Dollar is one coin that has drawn the interest of many enthusiasts and collectors.

This particular coin is more than simply a piece of currency; it is also a significant piece of American history with an intriguing origin story.

The important question, though, is what is the 1921 Silver Dollar value now? Come along with us as we explore the world of numismatics and determine the value of this special coin in this article!

1921 Silver Dollar Value Chart


Mint Mark Good Fine Extremely Fine Uncirculated
1921 Silver Dollar without Mint Mark Value $29 $30 $34 $55+
1921 Peace Silver Dollar without Mint Mark Value $178 $237 $355 $627+
1921 “D” Silver Dollar Value $29 $30 $31.50 $60+
1921 “S” Silver Dollar Value $29 $30 $33 $80+

1921 Silver Dollar without Mint Mark Value

1921 Silver Dollar without Mint Mark Value
Image Credit: GovMint

The 1921 Silver Dollar was struck in reaction to the Pittman Act of 1918, which permitted the smelting down of thousands of silver coins and the subsequent utilization of the silver to create new coins for international trade.

The Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco mints all produced a sizable amount of the 1921 Silver Dollar. The Philadelphia Mint issued the most 1921 Silver Dollars of the three mints, and these pieces are the most accessible and affordable. But among collectors, the 1921 Silver Dollar without a mint mark is unusual and precious.

The obverse of the 1921 Silver Dollar depicts Lady Liberty with her hair spreading behind her, looking left. She has a tiara on her head with the word “LIBERTY” inscribed. Underneath her, it says “1921” etched in the script.

The beautiful eagle with wings spread out is depicted on the reverse of the 1921 Silver Dollar while perched on a branch. The phrase “IN GOD WE TRUST” is engraved above the eagle, which is facing left.

The words “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and “E PLURIBUS UNUM” (“out of many, one”) are positioned around the eagle. The coin’s value, “ONE DOLLAR,” is engraved at the bottom of the reverse.

It might interest you that the 1921 Silver Dollar without Mint Mark can be purchased in good condition for a price as low as $29 if you’re a collector or dealer seeking to purchase or sell one. These coins are easily accessible on the market and would make a nice addition to any portfolio or collection.

It’s crucial to remember that the worth of these coins might change based on how well they are preserved. You should be able to sell a 1921 Silver Dollar without Mint Mark for at least $30 if it is in excellent shape. A grade of XF can earn you at least $34, while uncirculated specimens can get you more than $55.

It’s also vital to conduct extensive research and carefully take into account the quality and rarity of the coin if you’re keen to buy or sell a 1921 Silver Dollar without Mint Mark. The quality of the coin’s strike and the existence of scratches or other damage can both have a significant impact on its value.

Also, as prices and market trends are subject to change throughout time, it is important to keep track of them. You may purchase or sell a 1921 Silver Dollar without Mint Mark confidently by staying current with industry news and speaking with professionals in the sector.

1921 Peace Silver Dollar without Mint Mark Value

1921 Peace Silver Dollar without Mint Mark Value
Image Credit: USA Coin Book

Due to its rich historical background, scarcity, exquisite design, and significant market value, collectors and investors alike have a strong interest in acquiring the 1921 Peace Silver Dollar without a Mint Mark.

After the end of World War I, the United States Mint commenced the production of the Peace Silver Dollar to signify a sense of tranquility and optimism for a brighter tomorrow.

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The inaugural edition of the 1921 Peace Silver Dollar without a Mint Mark was minted in Philadelphia, and it remains the only one produced without a mint mark. This makes it a rare and valuable coin as it is more challenging to acquire in excellent condition.

Lady Liberty is shown elegantly on the obverse of the 1921 Peace Silver Dollar without Mint Mark against a dazzling background of sunbeams. A majestic eagle poised on a rock and grasping an olive branch in its claws, a universal sign of peace and prosperity, can be seen on the coin’s reverse.

The coin’s design has received high praise for its aesthetic appeal, and numismatists consider it to be one of the most alluring in the annals of American coinage.

The exceptional rarity of the 1921 Peace Silver Dollar without a Mint Mark can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, it was only produced for one year, which made it more difficult to find in common circulation.

Secondly, during the 20th-century silver meltdowns, a significant proportion of the coins were melted down, further reducing their availability.

Lastly, due to damage and loss over time, the number of coins remaining in excellent condition is significantly lower, contributing to their rarity and desirability among collectors.

The worth of the 1921 Peace Silver Dollar without a Mint Mark is largely influenced by its rarity and state of preservation. A coin in good condition may have an approximate value of $178, whereas an exemplary and uncirculated specimen can fetch over $627.

To guarantee the authenticity of a 1921 Peace Silver Dollar without a Mint Mark, it is imperative to collaborate with well-respected numismatists and dealers.

The market is awash with counterfeit coins, and it can be challenging for a layperson to identify them accurately. Thus, it is vital to seek guidance from experts in the field who possess the necessary skills and knowledge to distinguish genuine coins from counterfeit ones.

1921 D Silver Dollar Value

1921 D Silver Dollar Value

Like other varieties of the 1921 Silver Dollar, the 1921 D Silver Dollar is a coveted and highly sought-after coin that has captured the attention of numismatists and hobbyists worldwide. The 1921 D Silver Dollar derives its name from the location where it was produced, namely the Denver Mint.

The 1921 D Silver Dollar features a design that is distinct from its predecessors and is a testament to the artistic talents of Anthony de Francisci. The coin’s obverse depicts Lady Liberty wearing a Phrygian cap, a symbol of freedom, and a laurel wreath, a symbol of victory.

The image is more lifelike and less stylized than previous depictions of Lady Liberty, which were often idealized and heavily symbolic. The reverse image depicts an eagle with outstretched wings perched on a rock with an olive branch and arrows in its talons, symbolizing peace and war.

The 1921 D Silver Dollar is a one-of-a-kind piece of American numismatic history. It was struck at the Denver Mint, which was still quite new at the time, in 1921, the first year the Peace Silver Dollar series was produced.

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The value of the 1921 D Silver Dollar varies considerably depending on the grade and condition of the coin. For example, a good-condition coin may sell for at least $29, while a fine-grade coin might cost about $30.

But, if you possess an Exceptionally Fine 1921 D Silver Dollar, you may make at least $31.50 from it. With a starting value of $60, the value of coins in uncirculated conditions rises dramatically.

1921 S Silver Dollar Value

1921 S Silver Dollar Value

The 1921 S silver dollar is a coin that carries historical value due to its place in the transition from the Morgan dollar to the Peace dollar.

The Silver dollar series had been in production for over two decades, and the 1921 S coin was one of the last ones produced before the end of the series. The United States Mint began to make the Peace dollar later in 1921, marking the end of the Silver dollar’s era.

It is nonetheless regarded as a desirable find even though it is not the rarest of coins, especially for collectors looking to complete their collection of Morgan Silver dollars.

The value of the coin might change based on its condition, with higher-grade coins being worth more than lower-grade ones.

The conspicuous lack of Prooflike and Deep Mirror Prooflike variants on the 1921 S Silver Dollar is well known. These distinctions are based on the surface polish of the coin, with Deep Mirror Prooflike coins having a surface that reflects light even more than Proof Like coins.

Collectors frequently have a high demand for these kinds of finishes since they improve the coin’s aesthetic appeal.

The S Silver Dollar series from 1921 is an exception to this pattern, as there aren’t many specimens of these types in this series. Its scarcity only contributes to the charm and worth of the 1921 S Silver Dollar.

The 1921-S Morgan silver dollar boasts a design consistent with other varieties in the series. The obverse features Lady Liberty wearing a Phrygian cap and a wreath of laurel leaves.

Thirteen stars are around her head, representing the original colonies of the United States. The reverse design is also similar to the other varieties. This design has been a hallmark of the Morgan dollar series, minted from 1878 to 1921.

When it comes to the value of the 1921 S Silver Dollar, the same factors of rarity and condition come into play. A coin in good condition is worth $29, and one in fine condition can easily be acquired for around $30.

Extremely fine 1921 S Silver Dollars can be sold for $33, whereas the uncirculated versions can be valued at as high as $80 or more. For instance, a 1921 S Silver Dollar in MS-65 grade was auctioned at $12,650 in 2012.

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1921 Silver Dollar Grading

Grading a 1921 Silver Dollar can be a subjective task. However, coin grading services and numismatists have established commonly accepted definitions and standards to assist collectors in precisely describing their coins.

This informative video aims to elucidate the various terms and designations utilized in the process, assisting viewers in accurately grading their 1921 Silver Dollars. After watching it, you will be able to determine the quality and value of your 1921 Silver Dollars more precisely.

List of 1921 Silver Dollar Errors

1921 S Silver Dollar Thorn Head Error

1921 S Silver Dollar Thorn Head Error
Image Credit: eBay

On 1921 S silver dollars, there is a specific type of error called the Thorn Head Error. This mistake happens when a coin has fewer markings than usual, especially on the reverse side, where a thorn is frequently found between the letters.

The thorn is a minor but obvious characteristic that sets the coin apart from others. Despite the error, this coin is treasured by collectors and can fetch a price of at least $350 on the open market.

The Thorn Head Error’s rarity and the 1921 S silver dollar’s general collectability are both reflected in this pricing. Every serious collector would seize the chance to include this exceptional and priceless coin in their collection.

1921 D Silver Dollar with Missing R Error

1921 D Silver Dollar with Missing R Error

The idea that the mint’s expert craftsmen might make an error when striking a silver dollar coin is nearly inconceivable. The letter “R” lacking from the word “TRUST” on the coin is an unusual error.

Today, finding one of these uncommon pieces is difficult, but if you can, it is regarded as a desirable addition to any coin collection. The price of the coin can range from $150 and up, according to its grade.

1921 Peace Silver Dollar Line through L Error

1921 Peace Silver Dollar Line through L Error

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When the ray lines on a coin cross over the “ONE DOLLAR” writing, it is one of the most uncommon and expensive faults seen on 1921 Peace Silver Dollars.

This inaccuracy is the consequence of a special and unusual mistake that happened during the coin’s production, making it a highly valued addition to any collection.

Based on the overall condition of the coin, the market value for this kind of inaccuracy starts at a minimum of $465 and can rise significantly.

1921 Silver Dollar FAQs

How do I know if my 1921 Silver Dollar is rare?

Examining the design or markings of your 1921 Silver Dollar for errors or variances will help you identify whether it is a rare coin. Certain errors are highly prized and can considerably raise the coin’s value. The general condition of the coin can also influence its value and establish its rarity.

Which 1921 silver dollar is worth the most?

The 1921 Silver Dollar without Mint Mark with the distinctive and incredibly rare “Chapman” Proof has the highest value.

One of the rarest and most expensive coins in existence, it was once a part of the collection of the renowned numismatist Henry Chapman. It was purchased for a record-breaking $240,000 at an auction in 2022.

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