» 1927 Buffalo Nickel Error List & Value

1927 Buffalo Nickel Error List & Value

1927 buffalo nickel value

In this coin review, we will focus on one of the most prized coins in numismatics: the 1927 Buffalo Nickel value. This coin is a testament to American coins’ intricate design and historical significance. We will also provide a breakdown of the value of the 1927 Buffalo Nickel for each mint mark, including the no-mint mark and D and S mint marks.

We aim to provide a valuable resource for anyone interested in Buffalo Nickels, and we hope to spark your curiosity and passion for this exciting hobby.

1927 Buffalo Nickel Value Chart

1927 Buffalo (Indian Head) Nickel Value Chart

Mint Mark MS62 MS63 MS64 MS65 MS66
1927 No Mint Mark Buffalo Nickel Value  










1927 D Buffalo Nickel Value  









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1927 S Buffalo Nickel Value  









1927 No Mint Mark Buffalo Nickel Value


1927 No Mint Mark Buffalo Nickel Value
Image Credit: vcoins

The Buffalo Nickel or Indian Head Nickel without mint mark was a five-cent coin minted in Philadelphia from 1913 to 1938. The profile depicts a Native American image created from sketches of multiple individuals on the obverse (front), and the reverse side (back) features an American bison, not a buffalo.

The 1927 Buffalo nickel from Philadelphia is a common issue, with 37,981,000 minted and many surviving examples in circulated and uncirculated grades. This makes it a relatively affordable coin for collectors interested in the Buffalo nickel series.

Hundreds of examples are known in MS66 (Mint State 66), and dozens in MS67 suggest that many well-struck examples of 1927 Buffalo nickel were produced at the time of minting. Mint State grades refer to coins that have never been in circulation and have retained their original luster and surface quality.

It is also a part of the Buffalo nickel coinage type, which was produced from 1913 to 1938 and has a composition of 75% copper and 25% nickel. The coin has a diameter of 21.2 mm and a weight of 5 gr. In addition to the obverse’s design mentioned above, it also features the word “LIBERTY” and the year “1927,” while the reverse displays the inscriptions “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” “E PLURIBUS UNUM,” and “FIVE CENTS,” all designed by James Earle Fraser.

The value of a 1927 Buffalo nickel is typically determined by its condition or “grade,” which takes into account factors such as wear, damage, and overall appearance. In the case of varieties from Philadelphia, the highest grade that a 1927 buffalo nickel can receive is MS67. This grade is considered to be in excellent condition, with no visible wear or damage and a high level of original luster. As a result, a 1927 buffalo nickel in MS67 grade can command a high retail price of $3,380.

In contrast, the lowest grade 1927 buffalo nickel (AG3), which indicates that the coin is heavily worn and may have significant damage or loss of detail, has a much lower value of only $0.39. But the wholesale price is different, of course, which are the prices that coin dealers typically pay for coins they plan to resell. These prices are lower than retail prices in order to allow the dealer to make a profit. For the 1927 buffalo nickel value, the wholesale prices are $2,700 for the MS67 grade and $0.24 for the AG3 grade.

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According to the Greysheet website, the highest-selling 1927 Buffalo nickel with a PCGS MS67+ grade was sold in 2019 at the Legend Rare Coin Auctions for $12,925. This indicates that the coin was graded as being in excellent mint condition, with no visible blemishes or wear. However, the recent highest sale of a 1927 Buffalo nickel with the same grade was sold in 2022 at Heritage Auctions for only $2,760. This indicates that this 1927 buffalo nickel value has decreased over time, possibly due to changes in the market or the availability of similar coins.

1927 D Buffalo Nickel Value

1927 D Buffalo Nickel
Image Credit: pcgs

The 1927 D Buffalo nickel is a variant of this coin from Denver that’s hard to come by because there were only 5,730,000 made. Even though it’s not the priciest or rarest coin from the 1920s, it’s still tricky to find in excellent condition. People think there are only around 1,500 to 2,000 coins that haven’t been used, and only about 150 are in great shape (MS65 or better).

The highest recorded grade for this coin is an MS66, which has a price value of $24,500. On the other hand, the lowest grade is valued at only $1.85. This is quite impressive, considering that the face value of this coin is only $0.5.

However, an additional variation of the 1927 D buffalo nickel could be worth even more. Known as the 1927 D 3 1/2 Legs and a Variety 2 of FS-901, this coin can only reach a maximum grade of MS62. The buffalo in this coin only has three legs because the fourth leg was ground off during minting. Despite this, its value can be as high as $7,500, while even a low-grade version graded G4 can still fetch $130.

Yet, when it comes to the coins sold for big bucks at auctions, the 1927 D Variety 1 is still the champ. One with an excellent grade sold for an impressive $12,925 in 2019 at Legend Rare Coin Auctions. Two of these coins with a slightly lower grade sold for $23,500 each—the second-highest price ever recorded. One was sold at the same auction house, while the other was sold at Heritage Auctions in 2014 and 2019.

As for the 1927 Variety 2 buffalo nickel, although it’s the most valuable, the most expensive one ever sold at an auction was a coin with a grade of MS62, and it sold for $7,475 in 2012 at an auction held by Heritage Auctions.

1927 S Buffalo Nickel Value

1927 S Buffalo Nickel

Now for the third variation of this coin, the 1927 S Buffalo nickel, which is from the San Francisco mint. It is a special coin that’s also not easy to find in great condition. This is because of how it was minted, which sometimes caused imperfections in the design. However, some 1927 S Buffalo nickel have shiny fields because they were often polished. The nickel coin is especially rare in “Gem” condition, meaning it’s almost perfect. Less than 50 of these coins are known to exist in really good condition (MS65 or better).

At the retail price of $78,000, the 1927 S Buffalo nickel is considered one of the world’s most expensive Buffalo nickels. This high price is due to the coin’s rarity, exceptional condition, and historical significance. At the wholesale price of $65,000, the coin may be sold to other dealers or investors for a slightly lower price.

On the other hand, the lowest grade of the 1927 S Buffalo nickel, which is AG3, indicates that the coin is heavily worn and has almost no visible details. At this grade, the 1927 Buffalo nickel value from San Francisco is primarily based on its metal content, not its numismatic value. The price value for this coin is relatively low, with a retail price of $1.13 and a wholesale price of $0.78.

1927 Buffalo Nickel Grading

The 1927 Buffalo nickel is graded on a scale using the Sheldon Scale, which ranges from About Good-3 to Proof-68. This grading system takes into account the level of wear on the coin, the visibility of its design elements, the clarity of the lettering and legends, and the presence of mint luster. Mint State and Proof coins are uncirculated and have no wear, while Proof coins are struck with extra care and have a mirror-like surface.

The grading scale is important for collectors to evaluate the quality and worth of their Buffalo nickels. We highly recommend watching this video on how professionals grade the 1927 Buffalo nickel value.

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Rare 1927 Buffalo Nickel Error Lists

To start, let’s take a look at another video of a coin collector who has acquired some of the rare 1927 buffalo nickel coins under his collection.

1. 1927 Buffalo Nickel Clipped Planchet & Die Break Error

1927 Buffalo Nickel Clipped Planchet & Die Break Error
Image Credit: usacoinbook

A clipped planchet occurs when a piece of the blank planchet is missing, usually due to an error in the minting process. This can result in an irregular shape of the coin. The die break error on the reverse side refers to a crack or break in the die used to stamp the coin, which can cause an irregularity or deformation in the design.

These errors can make a 1927 Buffalo nickel more valuable to collectors, as they are considered rare and unique. The price of this specific coin, with the mentioned errors on the reverse side, is listed at $89.95.

2. 1927 S Buffalo Nickel Double Die Obverse (DDO) Error

This error happens when the design is repeated twice on the coin’s obverse side. The 1927 Buffalo nickel is a well-known example of this error, and coins with this mistake are rare and valuable to collectors. The value of a 1927 S Buffalo nickel with a Double Die Obverse varies depending on its condition, with coins graded as “about uncirculated” worth several hundred dollars.

In a recent sale by PCGS in 2019, four such 1927 S Buffalo nickels sold for $840.

3. 1927 S Buffalo Nickel Two-Feathered Headdress Error

1927 S Buffalo Nickel Two-Feathered Headdress Error
Image Credit: ebay

The 1927 Buffalo nickel also has a special kind of error called the 1927 S Two Feathers Buffalo nickel. This happened because of a mistake on the obverse side, with the third feather missing from the Native American’s headdress. The San Francisco mint accidentally produced these error coins in 1927, and they are worth a lot of money today.

Even a coin that is not in perfect condition (VG10) can be worth around $100! In 2021, a 1927 Two Feather Buffalo nickel that was in really good condition (MS64 grade) was sold for $2,280 at an auction.

1927 Buffalo Nickel FAQs

Q1: Where is the mintmark on a 1927 Buffalo Nickel?

The 1927 Buffalo nickel was minted in three different locations: Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco. Philadelphia-minted coins do not have a mintmark, while Denver and San Francisco-minted coins have a “D” and “S” mintmark, respectively, located on the reverse of the coin, under the Buffalo design and just below the “Five Cents” inscription.

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Q2: Is a 1927 Buffalo nickel worth anything?

Depending on its condition, a 1927 Buffalo nickel without a mint mark is worth anywhere from $0.35 to $4,750. However, if you have a 1927 D Buffalo nickel (which was minted in Denver), it could be worth anywhere from $1.50 to $24,500, depending on its condition.

If you have a 1927 D 3 1/2 Legs variety (FS-901) which is also from Denver but a different variety due to a misprint, it could be worth between $108.00 to $7,500. Lastly, for a 1927 S Buffalo nickel (which was minted in San Francisco), you could get something between $0.90 to $96,000. These prices could get even higher if you found something with very rare errors.

Note that no proof-strike variations of the 1927 Buffalo nickel were ever minted. Although these coins were originally intended for circulation only, over time, collectors have observed various errors in some of them, which has led to their increased value beyond their face value.

Q3: How many 1927 Buffalo nickels were made?

In total, the United States minted 47,141,000 buffalo nickels in 1927 across its Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco Mints. Although the exact number of buffalo nickels from 1927 that are still in circulation today is unknown, many of them have likely been lost, damaged, or melted down.


In conclusion, the 1927 Buffalo nickel is definitely worth exploring further. While most 1927 Buffalo Nickels are valued between $1 and $5, certain varieties and errors can fetch much higher prices at auction. Collectors should also be aware of the different types, such as the three-legged buffalo error and the D and S mint marks, which can significantly affect the 1927 Buffalo nickel value.

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