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1941 Quarter Error List & Value

1941 quarter value

From spare change to rare treasure, the 1941 Quarter value might surprise you. Coins have been a part of our culture and history for centuries. They are not just a form of currency but also pieces of art that hold value beyond their face value.

If you have a 1941 Quarter, also known as the 1941 Washington Quarter, you might be holding onto something more valuable than you think. With its intricate design and historical significance, this coin is a treasure many collectors seek. But how much is it really worth?

This article will take a closer look at the value of a 1941 Quarter, so come with us as we dive deeper to help you explore if you have a hidden gem in your coin collection. You might be surprised at the treasures you uncover!

1941 Quarter Value Chart

Mint Mark Good Fine Extremely Fine Uncirculated Proof 65
1941 No Mint Mark Quarter Value $4.55 $4.55 $4.55 As high as $9000
1941 “D” Quarter Value $8.50 $9.50 $20 As high as $15,000
1941 “S” Quarter Value $8.50 $10 $15 As high as $10,500
1941 “P” Proof Quarter Value         $120+

1941 No Mint Mark Quarter Value

1941 No Mint Mark Quarter Value
Image Credit: USA Coin Book

The 1941 Washington Quarter is a well-liked coin among collectors because of its historical value and sophisticated design. The coin was struck from 1932 to 1964, and John Flanagan inspired its design.

The 1941 Washington Quarter has a timeless and distinct design. The bust of George Washington is depicted on the coin’s obverse side, facing left, with the words “LIBERTY” above his head and the slogan “IN GOD WE TRUST” below.

The image of an eagle clutching arrows in its left claw and an olive branch in its right claw is shown on the coin’s reverse side. Above and beneath the eagle, the inscriptions “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and “E PLURIBUS UNUM” appear.

One interesting fact about the 1941 Washington Quarter is that it was the first year that the coin was struck at all three US Mints (Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco).

The 1941 Quarter without a Mint Mark was produced in the Philadelphia Mint and is occasionally called a “Philadelphia” quarter. Despite being less uncommon than their counterparts with mintmarks, these pieces can be valuable to collectors, particularly if they are in excellent condition.

With more than 79 million pieces struck, the 1941 Washington Quarter without a mintmark has the biggest mintage of the three. It is a reasonably common coin because of its high mintage, yet it is nevertheless a sought-after addition to any collection due to its age and historical relevance.

The United States was experiencing a lot of uncertainty when the 1941 Washington Quarter was created. The world was on the verge of war as the nation had only recently emerged from the Great Depression.

Later that year, the United States would formally enter World War II, significantly affecting the nation and its economy. And the 1941 Quarter without a mint mark was the first coin in the series to be produced after the outbreak of World War II.

The 1941 Washington Quarter without a mintmark is not highly uncommon, but collectors value it because of a few unique features. One of the most important aspects is that it was created at a time when the US underwent significant upheaval. The coin acts as a physical reminder of the nation’s past and the difficulties it encountered in the 1940s.

A 1941 Washington Quarter without a mintmark can be worth anything, depending on its condition. While coins in good condition can be worth around $4 to $5, coins in excellent and uncirculated condition can be valued at a high price of $9000.

1941 “D” Quarter Value

1941 “D” Quarter Value

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Due to its mintmark and relative scarcity, the 1941 “D” Quarter is a distinctive coin that sticks out from the other quarters from the same era.

The “D” mintmark, which signifies that the currency was made at the Denver Mint, is visible on the reverse side of the coin, immediately below the eagle’s tail feathers.

With George Washington on the obverse side and an eagle sitting on a bundle of arrows and an olive branch on the reverse, the 1941 Washington Quarter “D” is similar to the other Washington Quarters from 1932 to 1998 in terms of design.

The design was created by John Flanagan, a New York sculptor who won a competition to design the new quarter in 1931.

As previously mentioned, the United States was barely emerging from the Great Depression at the time of the 1941 “D” Washington Quarter, and tensions increased in Europe as World War II erupted. Hence, the government did not set a high focus on coin manufacture, which accounts for the low mintages of several of these coins.

The 1941 “D” Washington Quarter had a low mintage of 16,714,800, which is remarkable for a quarter from the 1940s. Because of this, it is rare and generally more desirable than other coins from the era.

A 1941 “D” Washington Quarter might range in value based on how well it is preserved. Good condition 1941 “D” Quarters can sell for $8.50. Whereas coins in fine and extremely fine condition can be worth $9.50 and $20, respectively.

However, the uncirculated specimens for the same coin can fetch a high price of $15,000. One example was this 1941 “D” Quarter that was sold at an auction for $20,700 back in 2008!

1941 “S” Quarter Value

1941 “S” Quarter Value

The 1941 Washington Quarter “S” is a precious and rare coin produced at the San Francisco Mint. This coin is unique due to its “S” mintmark that can be found underneath the majestic eagle on the reverse side of the coin.

The “S” mintmark found on the coin represents the San Francisco Mint, among the three mints that produced coins for the United States during that time.

Known for producing top-quality coins, the San Francisco Mint did not disappoint with the 1941 Washington Quarter “S.” With intricate details and a timeless design, this coin remains a popular choice for collectors of all expertise levels.

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The 1941 “S” Quarter features the same design as the other coins in the Washington Quarter series, which began in 1932 and ended in 1998, created by sculptor John Flanagan.

Despite the obstacles presented by the escalation of World War II and the recovery from the Great Depression, the coin was minted with a low mintage figure of only 16,080,000, considered one of the lowest mintage figures for the 1941 Washington Quarters.

The state of the coin can affect its value, with coins in perfect condition being valued at several hundred dollars or more. As a general estimate, a 1941 “S” Quarter in good and fine condition can be valued at $8.50 and $10, respectively. Although, uncirculated coins can be sold in the market for as high as $10,500.

The coin’s historical significance, rarity, and general condition all impact how much it is worth. Its significance in the series and position as a desirable collectible has cemented its place in numismatic history.

The 1941 Washington Quarter “S” is not only a rare and historically significant coin but also an example of exceptional design. Thanks to its elaborate workmanship and elegant style, it is a magnificent addition to any collection.

It’s fascinating to note that the San Francisco Mint has a unique mintmark on the 1941 Washington Quarter “S.” There are two different varieties of the “S” mark, which adds to the coin’s intrigue for collectors.

When you look at it closely, the fact that there is no copper visible through the coin’s edge clearly proves that it is a silver quarter. This seemingly unimportant little detail is actually one of the many remarkable details that make coin collecting so exciting for fans.

1941 “P” Proof Quarter Value

1941 “P” Proof Quarter Value
Image Credit: eBay

The 1941 “P” Proof Quarter is a valuable and scarce coin collectors avidly seek. The Philadelphia Mint minted this coin as a unique proof edition, featuring a significantly lower mintage than the 1941 Washington Quarter.

The 1941 “P” Proof Quarter has the same design as the regular edition, highlighting the profile of George Washington on the obverse and a powerful eagle perched on arrows and an olive branch on the reverse. The only notable difference is the coin’s finish, as the proof edition has a highly reflective, mirror-like shine.

With a mintage of a little over 15,000, the 1941 “P” Proof Quarter holds a special place in the Washington Quarter series as one of the lowest mintage coins after the 1941 “S” Quarter.

As a result, this coin is highly sought after by collectors due to its rarity and proof status, and it holds a higher value compared to regular 1941 quarters.

The value of a 1941 Proof Quarter starts from $120. In an auction held in 2013, one such coin was sold for a whopping amount of $15,863. The coin was graded PR68, which indicates it was highly well-preserved and genuinely deserving of its value.

The Philadelphia Mint’s production of proof coins ceased in 1942 due to World War II’s demands, making the 1941 “P” Proof Quarter one of the last proof coins produced until the proof program’s restart in 1950. This unique status as one of the final proof coins adds to its historical significance and makes it even more desirable to collectors.

The 1941 “P” Proof Quarter’s rarity and proof status make it a fascinating piece of history and a coveted addition to any collection. Collectors of all levels are drawn to its mirror-like finish, reflecting the time and effort put into its production.

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1941 Quarter Grading

When it comes to grading coins, it’s essential to understand the system used to evaluate a coin’s condition. For the 1941 Quarter, there are several factors to consider when grading, including the overall appearance, wear and tear, and any damage or scratches.

In order to determine a coin’s value accurately, one must grasp the coin grading system. You can purchase or sell coins, even the rare and priceless 1941 Quarter, with confidence if you are knowledgeable about the grading procedure and interact with reputable grading companies like NGC or PCGS.

Here’s a video for you to watch to familiarize yourself with the process of grading a 1941 Quarter!

Rare 1941 Quarter Error List

1941 Quarter Double Die Error

1941 Quarter Double Die Error

Some 1941 Quarters have a double-die error where words, numbers, and images overlap due to a shift during the rubbing process. However, double-die reverse and obverse errors are not highly valuable and usually cost only a few dollars.

But such an error on a high-grade coin can dramatically boost its value. For instance, this rare 1941 Quarter without Mint Mark graded MS67 was sold for $4250 in 2019.

1941 Quarter Die Cracks Error

Die cracks are a frequent mistake when the coin’s surface is fissured or cracked by the die used to imprint it. These fissures can be seen in the text or the eagle’s wings on the reverse side of the coin, among other places.

Die cracks in the 1941 quarter come in a variety of forms, including the Obverse Die Crack and Reverse Die Crack.

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1941 “S” Quarter with Small and Large S Error

It’s interesting to note that some 1941 Quarters contain distinctive mint marks, making them extremely sought-after among collectors. The conventional capital S mint mark, which has been used since 1917, may be seen on most coins from this year.

A limited number, though, has a unique and expensive version that consists of an enlarged letter S and an additional small letter -s. These coins are extremely desirable to both numismatists and coin collectors because they are truly rare.

Watch this video to learn about several other errors in the 1941 Quarter varieties!

1941 Quarter FAQs

Are 1941 quarters silver?

Yes, the 1941 Washington Quarters have a composition of 90% silver and 10% copper.

Where is the mint mark on a quarter of 1941?

The mint mark on a 1941 quarter is located on the reverse (tails) side of the coin, above the eagle’s tail feathers, to the left of the olive branch.

Are coins from 1941 worth anything?

Coins from 1941 are valued differently based on the coin’s nature, rarity, and condition. 1941 coins come in various values, some of which may not be very high, while others, like the 1941 “P” Proof Quarter or coins with errors or uncommon mint marks, can be expensive. In order to precisely calculate the coin’s value, it is best to have an expert appraise it.

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