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1945 Half Dollar Error List & Value

1945 half dollar value

The 1945 Half Dollar, popularly known as the Walking Liberty, is a beloved piece of American history that has outlasted the end of World War II and is still a favorite among collectors.

Whether you acquired it from your grandparents or are creating a coin collection, understanding the value of a 1945 Half Dollar is critical for avoiding fraud.

Consider yourself lucky to be at the right place because this article covers everything you should know about 1945 Half Dollar value from its history, rarity, and value in today’s market!

So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

1945 Half Dollar Value Chart

Mint Mark Good Fine Extremely Fine Uncirculated
1945 No Mint Mark Half Dollar Value $11.75 $12.25 $18.25 As high as $4100
1945 “D” Half Dollar Value $11.75 $13.25 $18.25 As high as $10,000
1945 “S” Half Dollar Value $11.75 $13.25 $18.25 As high as $13,000

1945 No Mint Mark Half Dollar Value

1945 Half Dollar without Mint Mark Value
Image Credit: USA Coin Book

The 1945 Half Dollar without Mint Mark, also known as the Walking Liberty Half Dollar, is a highly collectible and historic coin that has captivated coin enthusiasts and history buffs for years.

It is more than just a coin. It has an undeniable significance in American history, making it a symbol of strength and perseverance during one of the country’s most trying times.

The 1945 Half Dollar was issued during a watershed period in American history. It was the last year of World War II, and the nation was in the midst of a massive fundraising campaign for the war effort.

The coin was crafted by Adolph A. Weinman, who was a well-known artist and sculptor during the period. The obverse of the 1945 Half Dollar depicts the Walking Liberty image, regarded as one of the most magnificent coin designs in American heritage.

The image shows Lady Liberty carrying the American flag over her shoulder as she strolls toward the rising light. The words “United States of America,” “Half Dollar,” and “E Pluribus Unum” are inscribed beneath a depiction of a bald eagle sitting on a twig on the coin’s reverse.

The value of a 1945 Half Dollar coin is highly dependent on its condition. In contrast, to its extensively circulated or damaged counterparts, a 1945 Half Dollar coin might fetch a considerable value if it is in mint condition and has never been used.

You could anticipate receiving around $11.75 for your coin if it is in good condition. The value increases to $12.25 and $18.25 for fine and extremely fine grades, respectively. Yet, if you find an uncirculated 1945 Half Dollar, it can be worth $50 to $60!

But, the real treasure lies in the uncirculated versions of this coin. If you’re fortunate enough to possess a 1945 Half Dollar Without Mint Mark that has never been circulated, you can be sitting on a treasure trove worth as high as $4100!

1945 “D” Half Dollar Value

1945 “D” Half Dollar Value

The captivating 1945 “D” Half Dollar is an emblem of American history and holds a particular place in the hearts of coin collectors and aficionados.

The coin was minted at the Denver Mint, a key player in the Walking Liberty Half Dollar series, which adorned the country’s pockets from 1916 until 1947.

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The 1945 “D” Half Dollar is more than simply a collector coin because of its alluring appearance and fascinating history; it’s a window into an ancient period that still fascinates us today.

Also, did you know that the 1945 “D” Half Dollar was struck using a special wartime alloy employed to preserve valuable metals for the military effort? This coin is 90% silver and 10% copper, a minor variation from the typical 90% silver and 10% copper-nickel constitution.

With a mintage of 9,966,800, the 1945 “D” Half Dollar is among the most widely distributed coins in the series. This does not imply that the coin has no worth, though.

The rarity of a 1945 “D” half dollar can actually have a significant impact on its value. For instance, if you have an uncirculated 1945 “D” Half Dollar, it may be worth as high as $10,000!

The condition of this coin also affects its value. A 1945 “D” half-dollar in excellent condition with great eye appeal may be worth around $18.25.

The 1945 “D” Half Dollar is another example of the exquisite design of the Walking Liberty Half Dollar series.

The obverse shows a beautiful image of Liberty, draped in the American flag and bearing leaves of laurel and oak to signify civil and military grandeur as she confidently marches towards the rising sun.

An eagle poised on a rock with its wings spread widely in a striking demonstration of power and freedom is depicted on the coin’s reverse.

The 1945 “D” half dollar was struck during a crucial period in American history. World War II ended in 1945, and the nation was amid a moment of euphoria and celebration.  This coin is an allegory of that period in history and the great sacrifices made by people to achieve triumph.

1945 “S” Half Dollar Value

1945 “S” Half Dollar Value

As the mint mark indicates the 1945 “S” Half Dollar was minted in the San Francisco Mint. The San Francisco Mint was one of the few mints that kept running during the war.

Hence, it was crucial to manufacturing coins during World War II. In order to support the war effort, the Mint manufactured millions of coins, including pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.

The 1945 “S” Half Dollar coin represents the tenacity and endurance of the American people during this stressful era when the Allied victory was imminent, and the country was dealing with the repercussions of the war.

The coin serves as a moving remembrance of World War II’s turbulent events last year. The 1945 “S” Half Dollar is notable not only for its historical value but also for its distinct design and scarcity.

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The 1945 “S” Half Dollar, like the other coins in the Walking Liberty Half Dollar series, has a striking and stirring illustration by artist Adolph A. Weinman.

The image of Lady Liberty is seen on the coin’s obverse as she fearlessly walks towards the sun, her flowing dress and outstretched arm serving as a symbol of the nation’s principles of Liberty and development.

The majestic bald eagle is depicted on the coin’s reverse, poised on a rocky ledge with its wings spread, appearing to be ready to fly.

While having a beautiful design, the 1945 “S” Half Dollar had a mintage of almost 10 million, making it relatively uncommon.

The 1945 “S” Half Dollar is a highly prized item among collectors due to its limited mintage and the fact that many pieces were extensively circulated or lost through time.

The 1945 “S” Half Dollar is also notable because it was produced at a time when the US Mint was in a revolution.

In the period following the war, the Mint began to transition away from employing precious metals like silver in its coins, a decision that would have enormous ramifications for the numismatic industry.

As a result, the 1945 “S” Half Dollar serves as a tribute to a departed era in American coinage and a representation of the country’s changing political, social, and economic climate!

There are a number of considerations for estimating the worth of a 1945 “S” half dollar. Like other pieces in the series, the 1945 “S” Half Dollar’s value is largely based on how well it is preserved.

Coins in the pure, uncirculated form are the most expensive, whereas coins showing evidence of wear or corrosion may be worth substantially less. For instance, a rare 1945 “S” Half Dollar graded MS-67 was auctioned for a whopping $60,000 back in 2021!

1945 Half Dollar Grading

Experts consider an array of characteristics when evaluating a 1945 half-dollar, including wear, marks, and color. A coin in mint state condition or that has never been circulated is usually desirable, but coins that have previously circulated may also be graded.

The coin’s condition is described numerically on a scale from 1 to 70, with 70 denoting a pristine coin with no wear or flaws. Yet, the 1945 Half Dollar’s overall value and collectability will also be influenced by scarcity, historical significance, and eye appeal.

Check out how a 1945 Half Dollar is graded by watching this video!

Rare 1945 Half Dollar Error List

1945 Half Dollar with Reverse Double Die Error

1945 Half Dollar with Reverse Double Die Error
Image Credit: Heritage Auctions

A coin is referred to as a double die if the die is engraved with a twofold design. This mistake happens when the coin is imprinted with the design twice, resulting in a somewhat distorted image and evident doubling in the pattern.

These duplicated images can make a 1945 half-dollar with a reverse double-die error highly uncommon and thus significantly more valuable. The value can increase even more significantly for coins in high-grading conditions, such as a nearly mint state.

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These coins are prized for their distinctive design by collectors of rare coins and double die errors, and their worth has grown considerably over time.

1945 Half Dollar with Double Strike Error

Rare coin collectors reward 1945 half dollars with double strikes, a distinctive minting error that can raise the piece’s value. When a coin is struck twice in the coining press, the design is twice imprinted onto the coin’s surface. This is known as a double-strike error.

As a result, tiny positional discrepancies are visible to the naked eye. These coins are sought after by collectors since they are all unique and can be rather valuable, depending on the manufacturing stage at which the second striking occurred.

A double strike 1945 half dollar’s value is increased by its rarity, and if it is in high-grade condition, it becomes a valuable addition to any coin collection.

1945 Half Dollar Cracked Planchet Error

1945 Half Dollar Cracked Planchet Error
Image Credit: eBay

Coin collectors and lovers appreciate the presence of a cracked planchet error on a 1945 half-dollar. A planchet crack is a fracture that develops in the coin’s blank prior to being struck, giving the finished coin a defective appearance.

Although these errors are prevalent, they can significantly increase the coin’s value if they are unusual or severe. Because of its scarcity and distinctiveness, collectors have been known to pay more for 1945 half dollars with cracked planchet errors.

While the precise worth of a cracked planchet error varies according to a variety of circumstances, including the extent of the crack, the coin’s overall condition, and collector interest, it is widely known that such flaws can add a significant premium to the coin’s price.

1945 Half Dollar with Missing Artist Initials Error

1945 Half Dollar with Missing Artist Initials Error

For collectors and enthusiasts of U.S. coins, a 1945 half-dollar with a missing artist initials error is considered a valuable find. This mistake happens when the designer’s initials, generally present on every Walking Liberty half-dollar coin, are omitted from the coin’s minting.

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The currency designer, Adolph A. Weinman, is represented by the initials “AW,” which are typically found on the back of a coin, at the lower right side, below the eagle and cliff.

While errors with missing initials are not prevalent, their rarity and originality can significantly increase the coin’s worth. For coins with this kind of inaccuracy, collectors are willing to pay more, especially if the coin is in good condition.

For example, a rare 1945 Half Dollar without Mint Mark with a missing artist initials error. The coin was graded MS-66 and was sold at an auction in 2019 at a high price of $6000!

Though, it is essential to note that when buying coins with missing artist initials, collectors should tread carefully because some fake coins have been produced to capitalize on this inaccuracy.

To understand how errors can contribute to the value of a 1945 Half Dollar, watch this video!

1945 Half Dollar FAQs

Is a 1945 half-dollar all silver?

No, the 1945 half-dollar is not entirely composed of silver. It has a composition of 90% silver and 10% copper.

How can you tell if a half-dollar is real silver?

If you are unsure whether your coins are silver, inspect the edge. A solid silver stripe confirms its silver content, while a copper stripe indicates its clad. If you notice a less prominent silver line with faint copper traces, the coin could be 40% silver.

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