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1987 Quarter Error List & Value

1987 Quarter Value

Are you wondering what the 1987 quarter value is worth today? You might be surprised to learn that it could have a significant value depending on its condition and the mint from which it came.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the 1987 quarter, its history, and discuss why certain varieties of this coin are more valuable than others. Another thing we will discuss is the grading process one of these quarters would go through in order to earn a valuation. Lastly, we’ll also look at some of the most desirable errors of this coin and provide tips for identifying them.

By the end, you should have a much better understanding of how much your 1987 quarters may be worth. So let’s get started!

1987 Quarter Value Chart

Mint Mark Good Fine Extremely Fine Uncirculated Proof
1987 P Quarter Value / / / $10 /
1987 D Quarter Value / / / $6.81 /
1987 S Quarter Value / / / / $4.63

Value by Mint Mark

The 1987 quarter is a prized quarter and is a part of the Washington quarters series. It was designed by John Flanagan and has been in use since 1932.

The quarter is made from an alloy of 91.67% copper and 8.33% nickel and weighs 5.670 grams. The size of the coin is 24.3 millimeters in diameter, with a thickness of 1.75 millimeters.

The obverse features a portrait of George Washington, facing left. Also, the word “Liberty” is inscribed above the portrait, with the  motto “In God We Trust” to its left and the year of issuance, 1987, below it.

The reverse has an American Bald Eagle, stylized above an olive branch with its wings spread wide, holding arrows in its talons. The words “United States of America” and “E Pluribus Unum” appear above, with the denomination “Quarter Dollar” appearing directly below.

The 1987 quarter was minted in Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco. The Philadelphia variety was issued with a P on the obverse, while the Denver variety was issued with a D, and the San Francisco variety features an S.

Let’s look at each variety more closely.

1987 P Quarter Value

1987 P Quarter Value
Credit: usacoinbook

The first variety we will discuss is the 1987 P quarter. With 582,499,481 quarters produced, this quarter was minted at the Philadelphia Mint located in Pennsylvania.

Most Philadelphia coins up to this point contained no mint mark, except for those during wartime that contained a different metal composition than what was usually used. However, in 1980, the Philadelphia Mint began adding a P mint mark to its coins. You will find the mint mark to the right of the date and George Washington’s portrait.

The 1987 P quarter is worth about twenty five cents, or face value, when it has a lower grade, which is pretty typical of coins that are in business circulation, due to normal wear and tear. This includes coins in “Good” condition, “Fine” condition, and “Extremely Fine” condition, for example.

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When the coin is in a higher grade, though, such as “Uncirculated”, it can be worth a whole lot more, even up to $10 or more!

1987 D Quarter Value

1987 D Quarter Value

The second variety of the 1987 quarter we’ll discuss is the 1987 D quarter. This coin was minted in Denver, Colorado at the US Mint located there and has a total mintage of 655,594,696 coins, which is more than what was produced at the Philadelphia Mint.

The D mint mark is located on the obverse side, in the same place you would find the P mint mark for Philadelphia, just to the right of George Washington’s profile.

Just like with the P coin, these quarters will usually trade for their face value if they are in lower grades. However, when they are graded higher (“Uncirculated”), they can be worth up to $6.81 or perhaps more if they are perfectly pristine! One in mint state 67 grade actually sold recently for over $675!

1987 S Quarter Value

1987 S Quarter Value

Finally, we have the third variety – the 1987 S quarter. This was produced in San Francisco, California and had a total mintage of 4,227,728,000 coins. It has the same design as its P and D counterparts, and the S mint mark is located in the same place as well.

This variety is the Proof coin, just like most of the coins that come out of the San Francisco Mint. A Proof coin is one that has been specially made for collectors and features a higher level of detail  and shine in its design. As such, these coins usually command high premiums so long as they are in “Uncirculated” condition, and they can be worth up to $4.63 or more when they are in this higher grade.

1987 Quarter Grading

Coin grading is the process used to determine a coin’s quality and condition. Professional graders will use a scale of 1-70 (1 being poor, 70 being perfect) to evaluate each individual coin based on its physical characteristics.

Grading is an important factor in determining the value of a coin because it provides us with a better understanding of how much wear and tear it has gone through over the years. Coin grading can also help prevent coins from getting counterfeited, as any irregularities will be easily spotted by experienced graders.

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When it comes to the 1987 quarter, those that are in “Uncirculated” condition are considered to be worth more than those that are only in lower grades like “Good”. So if you’re looking to find out what your 1987 quarter is worth, you will want to have it professionally graded so you can get an accurate evaluation. However, it’s important to keep in mind that it costs a lot of money to have your coins graded – unless you think you have a pristine 1987 quarter or one that has a unique error, you may not be able to make back the money even after you sell it.

Also, it’s important to note that the quality of a coin can be affected by a number of external factors. For example, storing a coin in an environment with high humidity or in a place where it can jostle against other objects can cause it to degrade over time. So if you want to maximize the value of your coins, it’s better to store them in a safe place that is away from any damaging elements.

Rare 1987 Quarter Error Coins Lists

It’s worth mentioning that there are some rare error coins that were minted in 1987. An error coin is one that was made incorrectly, either due to a mistake on the part of the US Mint or due to a problem with the machinery at the time.

An error coin can potentially be worth a lot more than its regular counterparts, though it is important to note that these coins are rare and thus their value depends on the specific error and the grade of the coin. Here is a list of some of the most valuable error coins that were created in 1987:

1987 P Quarter – Double Struck and Broadstruck Errors

1987 P Quarter - Broadstruck Error
Credit: coins.ha


Next, a 1987 P quarter double struck error coin with broadstruck features, which resulted in an interesting combination of the two errors, resulting in an interesting and visually appealing coin. It was auctioned off for about $87.

1987 P Quarter – Broadstruck Error

One of the errors known to exist from 1987 is the broadstruck error. What this means is that during the minting process, a coin was struck outside of the collar, which caused it to have a broad, flattened rim.

These coins appear larger than the average quarter and also may not be perfectly round. The image also tends to be stretched, flattened, or smeared to varying degrees.

One such 1987 P quarter with this error sold a few years ago at an auction for about $20.

1987 D Quarter – Off Center on Tri Clipped Planchet Error

1987 D Quarter - Off Center on Tri Clipped Planchet Error

Another error worth mentioning was exceedingly rare and interesting to behold! This error is two fold – first, it was an off center error – meaning that the die was not properly aligned with the planchet during minting, resulting in the image not being centered on the coin, whether on the obverse, reverse, or both. Second, it was a tri-clipped planchet error, meaning that the coin was struck on an incomplete planchet that contained three clips out of it – it was not a complete circle, but rather oblong.

The grade wasn’t all that high, rated at only an “Almost Uncirculated” (AU) 53. But it was still worth something because of the rare error, resulting in an auction sale of about $160.

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1987 Quarter – Mated Pair Error

Now this is a fascinating coin error that you do not see every day! In 1987, the United States Mint made a mated pair error coin in which two coin planchets entered the minting machine at the same time, resulting in one design being spread across two planchets. So when the coins were struck, you could see half of the design on one coin and the other half on another.

This is a rare error, especially if the two coins are bagged together after minting, kept together by a collector, and then sold together at auction. In fact, the pair that was sold recently, while only having a rating of AU 58, sold for an impressive $400 because of their unique markings.

1987 Quarter Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know some of the rare error coins that were minted in 1987, you may still have some questions about these coins. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions:

How Can I Tell if my 1987 Quarter is an Error Coin?

First and foremost, unless the error is extremely obvious, such as an off center strike or a planchet clip, it’s important to note that it is difficult to be sure whether or not a coin is an error coin without the help of a coin microscope and quite possibly expert consultation – especially for those with an untrained eye.

However, there are certain signs to look out for such as uneven rim and edge thicknesses, rough spots, blurriness, or other potential design flaws on either side of the coin. If you suspect your 1987 quarter might be an error coin, contact a professional numismatist and get it checked out!

Are Error Coins Worth Collecting?

Absolutely! Error coins are a great way to add some interesting and valuable pieces to your collection. They are also a great conversation starter when people see them, as they are often very unique looking compared to regular coins.

How Much is a 1987 Quarter Worth?

The value of a 1987 quarter can range depending on the condition of the coin, its grade, and if it contains any errors or not. A normal “Uncirculated” 1987 quarter is typically worth around $10 while an error coin could be worth anywhere from $20-$400 or more depending on the specific type of error and the grade of the coin.

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Where Can I Buy or Sell 1987 Quarters?

1987 quarters can be bought or sold at coin shows, auctions, local coin shops, and online through various websites, such as eBay and Etsy. It’s important to do your research before buying any coins, though, to make sure that you are getting a fair price and that the coin is genuine.

Additionally, there are several certification services such as PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) and NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) which offer third-party authentication of coins for an additional fee. This can add a level of assurance when dealing with expensive coins of any kind, including the 1987 quarter.


In conclusion, if you have a 1987 quarter in your possession, it is worth taking a closer look at it as you may have stumbled upon a treasure. Some 1987 quarters can be pretty valuable so think twice before you just toss it into a vending machine – do your due diligence and inspect the coin first.

Additionally, if you suspect that your 1987 quarter might be an error coin, contact a professional numismatist for expert consultation. Who knows, maybe that 1987 quarter could be worth more than you think!

Do you have any questions or comments about 1987 quarters? Let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear your thoughts.

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