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1989 Quarter Error List & Value

1989 Quarter Value

Have you seen a 1989 Quarter and wondered about its value? These Washington Quarters were designed by John Flanagan and first minted in 1932. Standard pocket change will only be worth its face value, but some of these coins can be worth much, much more.

The Washington Quarters are the longest-running series of coins in the United States. Although they are not rare, the 1989 Washington Quarters have a rich history which makes these coins interesting to collect.

Here will discuss everything you need to know about the 1989 Washington Quarters, including their value, interesting features, errors, and more. Read on to find out more!

1989 Quarter Chart

Coin Grade Good MS/PR60 MS/PR65 MS67/PR70
1989 P Quarter $0.25 $0.25 $15 $1,300
1989 D Quarter $0.25 $0.25 $20 $300
1989 S Proof Quarter $0.25 $0.25 $5 $100

1989 Quarter Value by Mint Mark

As you can expect, a lot of 1989 Quarters were produced, so these coins are not rare. If you combined the mintages of Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco mints for Washington Quarters in 1989, the total production is over 1.4 billion pieces.

The obverse of the 1989 Washington Quarter features a portrait of George Washington facing left. This image was based on the 1785 sculpture of the first U.S. president made by Jean-Antoine Houdon.

On the coin’s reverse, it shows a left-facing eagle perched on a bundle of arrows while spreading out its wings. There are also two olive branches framing the eagle below.

The 1989 Washington Quarter is a cupro-nickel (copper-nickel) clad to copper, which means it is composed of 8.33% nickel and 91.67% copper. It was not like the Washington Quarters minted before 1965, which were composed of 90% silver and 10% copper.

Here are the 1989 Washington Quarter has different varieties that you should know:

1989 P Quarter

1989 P Quarter
Image Credit: pcgs

The 1989 Quarter with a “P” mint mark means the coin was struck at the Philadelphia Mint. A total of 512,868,000 quarters were struck here in 1989 and distributed into circulation. This makes the 1989 P Quarter a common piece.

Most of the 1989 P Quarters you will encounter have a worn condition, so they are only worth their face value. Because worn quarters only cost $0.25, you are not missing out on anything if you decide to spend them.

If you are planning to find 1989 P Washington Quarters in uncirculated grades, keep in mind that it will be a challenge. Most of the pieces are struck well, but plenty of the coins usually have a few light scuffs and scratches.

1989 P Quarters in uncirculated condition usually feature minimal wear on them and usually cost $1 to $2 each. Coins need to be in near-perfect condition to have any significant value, especially as these coins are only a little over 30 years old.

These coins are difficult to find in MS65 and above, but there are available pieces out there if you search properly. However, if you are trying to find them in MS66 grades, these are extremely difficult to find.

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Simply put, some of the earlier silver quarters that were struck from the ‘30s are easier to find than the 1989 P Quarters. As of 2010, you will find more 1934 Silver Washington Quarters in MS66 condition or higher than these 1989 P Quarters. And in MS67, things get more difficult than it already is.

The reason is that, even with so many coins, they were immediately placed into circulation. To be in near-perfect condition, they would need to have been immediately taken out of circulation when they were released back in 1989.

Generally, the 1989 Quarter can be valued at a high price depending on its condition. For example, these pieces in uncirculated, mint conditions can be valued at hundreds of dollars, especially if it is at least MS67.

If you have this coin in this grade, you can be confident that your piece will be valued at around $1,300. In 2007, a 1989 P Quarter in MS67 condition was sold for $1,955 and was considered the most valuable 1989 Quarter.

1989 D Quarter

1989 D Quarter

In 1989, there was a significantly notable increase in Washington Quarters that were minted in Denver. The total mintage during this specific year is 896,535,597, and the coins that were produced in the Denver Mint feature the “D” mint mark.

Most of the 1989 D Quarters made for circulation were not well-struck, so you can commonly find these coins in poor condition. Since it is an extremely common coin, most pieces are only worth their face value.

The 1989 D Quarter in perfect condition is difficult to acquire. Despite having produced over 800 million pieces, finding one in better conditions like MS65, can be tough. Coins in this grade cost slightly higher than their face value, but these are still inexpensive despite their scarcity.

Just like other Denver Quarter Dollars minted in other years, the 1989 Quarters with an MS68 condition and higher are extremely scarce.

When it comes to its price, the value of 1989 D Quarters in circulated condition can usually range between $0.30 and $0.85. However, a completely uncirculated piece could be valued at about $625. According to records, in 2017, a 1989 D Quarter that is graded MS67 was able to sell for a good $764.

As you may have noticed, coins struck in Denver generally have a lower value than those struck in Philadelphia. This will be for two main reasons. Firstly, the Denver coins were struck in higher quantities and are less rare. Secondly, Philadelphia coins in perfect condition are much harder to find because of how they were struck and placed into circulation.

1989 S Proof Quarter

1989 S Proof Quarter

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One specialty of the San Francisco Mint is the production of proof coins. The whole process of creation is more challenging, meticulous, and time-consuming than usual. These coins are meant to be perfect and never intended for pocket change.

In 1989, the mint was able to produce 3,220,194 proof coins, but it did not release them into circulation. Instead, the mint placed them in sets and sold them to collectors.

When it comes to proof sets, these consist of extremely well-struck pieces that sport a vibrant and shiny finish. The mint often strikes the proof coins on top-notch blank planchets before imprinting the design two times. Doing this is necessary to really highlight the piece’s physical beauty.

Keep in mind that proof coins have an increased eye appeal level than coins made from other minting areas. The reason is that the coins are manually polished and come with higher levels of detail.

The 1989 S Proof Washington Quarter is a usual date in the Washington Quarter Proof Series since its mintage is considered average for the set. You can easily obtain samples in grades of up to PR70 deep cameo. However, the PR70 deep cameo samples are much scarcer compared to the PR69 cameo pieces.

If you have an uncirculated 1989 Quarter that is in pristine condition, you can earn a decent amount from it. The most valuable 1989 S Proof Quarter in PR70 was sold in 2004 for $253. However, most coins in PR70 condition sell for around $100.

You may be wondering why a proof coin with a 70 grade sells for much less than a regular coin with a 67 grade. It all comes down to scarcity and what collectors are looking for.

Proof coins are meant to be stored, not used as currency, and kept in perfect condition. That means perfect examples are widely available. As other coins were meant for circulation, they are much more difficult to find in higher grades. As always with the collection world, the rarer something is, the higher the value it will have.

1989 Quarter Grading

The value of the 1989 Quarter depends on its condition. Like all coins, a new and undamaged sample will have a higher worth and can be sold for a lot of money.

To determine the value of a coin, it is graded using a system of 1 to 70. These numbers are preceded by either MS for mint state or PR for proof coins. MS coins are for circulation, so it is not common to find these in perfect condition.

1989 Quarter Errors

Some of the rarest and most valuable 1989 quarters that are worth acquiring are not in perfect condition. Instead, those with certain errors are considered valuable, such as pieces with mint mistakes.

These coins are some of the most valuable, and a few of the errors can even score you hundreds of dollars or more.

There are numerous 1989 quarter errors and varieties that are worth a lot. And in this part of the guide, we will show you the most popular and valuable pieces.

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1. 1989 Off-Center Quarter Error

1989 Off-Center Quarter Error
Image Credit: mavin

An off-center mint error happens when the coin is improperly aligned when struck, resulting in missing designs on the coin. It is a valuable error since the price of a coin increases if a larger portion of the design is missing.

For example, if around 5% or 10% of the design is missing, this might bring around $25 since this is just a small portion. However, a coin that has around 50% of the design missing but shows a complete date can cost over a hundred dollars.

2. Doubled Die Quarter Error

Doubled Die Quarter Error
Image Credit: ebay

The doubled die error shows subtle doubled letters and elements, but some alter the coin’s appearance. If the error is more dramatic, the coin’s value increases.

Only a few samples of the 1989 Quarter with doubled die errors significantly altered the coin’s appearance. The existing coins with this error are worth around $50 or more, depending on the visibility of the doubled elements.

3. Broadstrike Quarter Error

Broadstrike Quarter Error

Broadstrike errors happen when the die strikes outside the coin’s collar. When it strikes the collar, the stricken portion of the coin ends up appearing thinner, flatter, and broader than the actual size of a normal quarter.

Note that this error is different from coins with worn edges since broadstrike errors bring a higher value. Pieces with worn edges, on the other hand, are worth their face value since these are common.

Despite appearing wider, coins with broadstrike errors still weigh the same as the average 1989 Quarter.

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1989 Quarter – FAQs

1. How much is a 1989 D Quarter error worth?

This coin is worth $22, which is the 1989 D Washington Quarter Error’s average value. However, the range that these coins can sell for can be quite wide. Some have been known to be sold for as little as $2.25, whereas others have gone for as high as $500.00.

2. What is the rarest coins ever?

Currently, the rarest and most valuable coin in the world is the 1849 Double Eagle, which has an estimated worth of almost $20 million. The piece was minted in 1850, but instead of marking it with this year, 1849 was used. Moreover, the production of the piece coincided with the beginning of the California Gold Rush.

This coin has one remaining sample, and it is carefully preserved and housed in the Smithsonian Institution’s National Numismatic Collections.

3. Are 1989 Quarters rare?

More than a billion quarters were minted in the Denver, Philadelphia, and San Francisco mints in 1989, which means the 1989 Washington Quarter isn’t that rare. However, the coin can be worth more than its face value. For your 1989 Quarter to be rare, it will either need to be in perfect condition or have one of the notable errors that we mentioned earlier.

4. How do I sell a rare quarter?

If you have a rare quarter, it’s best to visit auctions since these are specialist locations, especially if you fully know your coin’s value. When you have a rare coin that is highly valued, this is also your go-to place.

Remember that most auctions charge a fee for selling your coins, so if you plan to avoid that, there is another option. Visiting your local coin dealer is another popular alternative if you want to sell your rare, silver, or gold coins.

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