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10 Best Coin Value Lookup Websites

Best Coin Value Lookup Websites

Looking up the value of coins can be tricky with so many different factors affecting things like rarity, condition, mintage, precious metal content, demand from collectors, historical significance, and more. That’s where coin value lookup websites come in handy, allowing you to quickly find accurate estimated values from reputable sources. We’ve rounded up the 10 best coin value lookup websites available to aid you in researching your coins.

1. Coin Value Checker

CoinValueChecker presents an aggregated average value for individual coins by consulting multiple third party price guides and auction records. Enter any coin’s details (country/type, year, mint, grade etc.) to instantly get a market valuation estimate compared side-by-side with each source.

Key features:

  • Aggregated values from all major price guides
  • Side-by-side value comparisons
  • Individual coin search to get valuations fast
  • Covers both U.S. and world coins

2. PCGS CoinFacts

PCGS CoinFacts is one of the most reputable websites available for researching U.S. coins thanks to its ties to the Professional Coin Grading Service. On PCGS CoinFacts, detailed coin profiles contain valuable historical background information, mintage figures, certified population data, price trends over time, and accurate market values. The site also has useful guides, photos to judge coin grades and full-motion video for examining coins.

Key features:

  • Values based on PCGS’s comprehensive price guide for U.S. coins
  • Photograde online photo grading tool
  • Populations for each PCGS-certified coin issue
  • Auction prices realized
  • Collector coin guides and resources

3. Coin Value Lookup

Coin Value Lookup focuses solely on U.S. coins and patterns to provide highly accurate collector values at wholesale levels. Updated weekly, it’s similar to the Grey Sheet but also incorporates retail price guide info and public auction records. An “estimated value” appears for each coin based on grade, condition and current market activity.

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Key features:

  • Weekly updated accurate wholesale values
  • Incorporates wholesale, retail and auction records
  • Individual values adjusting for grade, condition etc.
  • Downloadable offline “Blue Book” in Excel

4. NGC Coin Explorer

From the respected grading company Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) comes NGC Coin Explorer, focused solely on world coins from ancient to modern. Browse by country or coin category to instantly view listing details, images, valuations, census data, auction records and more. Values come NGC’s price guide, the largest for world coins.

Key features:

  • Details and values for over 400,000 world coins
  • Images and Census data for NGC-certified coins
  • Historical value trends and price graphs
  • World coin collecting guides and resources

5. PCGS Photograde

PCGS Photograde is the leading online coin image-based lookup tool allowing you to judge grades/values yourself. It contains over 1300 high-resolution photographs of US and world coins by grade giving you an easy visual comparison to your own coins. Photograde has images for every grade level with annotations pointing out details that identify each one. Determine grades quickly without certification.

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Key features:

  • High resolution photographs of over 1500 coins across all series
  • Images with annotations for quick visual grade comparisons
  • Grades from poor to mint state offered for most coins
  • Downloadable PDF guides with images for offline reference

6. Grey Sheet Coin Dealer Newsletter

The Grey Sheet has provided coin valuation data to dealers and collectors since 1963. Updated weekly, it lists wholesale values for collectible U.S. coins based off dealer trading activity. View accurate prices for each date and mintmark online in an easy searchable format. With over 150,000 valuations, the Grey Sheet is an industry stapament.

Key features:

  • Wholesale coin prices gathered from dealer trades
  • Values for all U.S. series and commemoratives
  • Updated every week online
  • Track price movement over time

7. Coinflation – Gold, Silver & Platinum

Coinflation provides melt/intrinsic values of U.S. and world bullion coins made from precious metals like gold, silver and platinum. Calculate a coin’s metal value using the latest metals spot prices to see if it’s worth more melted down. Historical charts and stats dating back 10+ years show valuable rising melt value trends over time for hedging inflation.

Key features:

  • Melt values for all U.S. and world bullion coins
  • Calculators using latest gold, silver, platinum & palladium spot prices
  • Charts for long term precious metals price trends
  • Stats on intrinsic coin values over time

8. USA Coin Book

USA Coin Book is a neatly organized lookup reference for U.S. coins including colonials, commemoratives and bullion. Easy search tools lead to coin pages with images, descriptions, mintage amounts, metal composition and an average value price guide range for each date, mint mark variety and certified coin grades.

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Key features:

  • Value price guide ranges for all U.S. coins
  • Images and stats for individual coin listings
  • Different valuation info by grade, year and mint mark
  • Colonial coins, commemoratives and bullion included

9. Numista

Numista catalogs coins from around the world to help identify and learn more about any international coin. Browse by country and coin category pages listing images, descriptions, catalog reference numbers, mintages, specifications, collector values and more for over 100,000 coins. Values come from catalog pricing averages.

Key features:

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  • Details on six figure numbers of global coins
  • Images and specifications to identify coins
  • Specific reference numbers for easy searching
  • Collector values translated to any currency

10. NGC Ancients Values Tool

For ancient Greek, Roman and Biblical coins, the NGC Ancients Values lookup tool is invaluable with over 50,000 listings. Coin pages include descriptions, NGC Census data, current values and price histories for similar certified examples. Images of coins are shown by NGC grade allowing condition based appraisals.

Key features:

  • Tens of thousands ancient coin listings
  • Values based on NGC certified coin sales
  • Census numbers indicating scarcity
  • Images to judge grade and condition

So there you have it – 10 of the best coin value lookup websites available to aid in identifying coins and getting reputable valuations using images, descriptions, price data and more all in one place. Whether buying, selling appraising for insurance, estate purposes or out of curiosity, these invaluable numismatic resources have your needs covered.

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